Searchie has allowed us to up-level our membership experience -- creating dynamic content customized for each of our members. The search tool alone has been such a valuable addition, giving users the ability to search through hundreds of hours of content to find exactly what they need. We highly recommend!”

Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Expert & Creator of Digital Course Academy

We moved our membership platform over to Searchie about a year ago and it was THE best decision we could have made. Our members love how easy it is to use the platform and having captions and transcripts added to every video automatically is such a time saver AND money saver!

Searching for specific content inside videos in our members area is SO easy - I find it hard to watch videos hosted in other places now because I've gotten so used to being able to search for keywords and skipping to the part I want easily!

Searchie has allowed us to create a one-of-a-kind play directory for our members featuring hundreds of play ideas sorted into playlists by age so our members can find inspiration really, really fast. I absolutely LOVE Searchie and what it has made possible for our membership and business.

Casey Patch, Little Lifelong Learners


I use Searchie for my website, sales pages and blog because I don't need lots of costly add ons. It is so quick to create a layout and add content for my design business. I can have a sales page up for a new product and linked to an email campaign in less than an hour.

Jane Harbison, Jane Harbison Design


I love how straightforward Searchie is on the back end. I am not techie and love how easy it is for me to upload my content. I also love the user experience my members have. They can find any piece of content with a quick search and are protected from overwhelm by the organization of my content. Lately, I’m so stinking excited about Hub templates! But more than anything, I have huge respect for Team Searchie. They make me feel like part of the Searchie family and are dedicated to making my experience amazing. I learn so much about serving my own people well just by watching them.

Laura Swain, Learn with Laura Swain


Searchie has transformed how I once felt about the daunting idea of creating a membership site. I wanted something different from the traditional setup, and I have produced a compelling Hub which makes it easier for my students to find and consume the content. My workflow is smoother and I feel very proud of sharing my business ideas

Pilar Reyes, Facilingua


I am LOVING Searchie! I was using a different membership site before and it was just a long, linear list with over 100 items as I kept adding more song tutorials. It was getting very overwhelming and confusing for my students. With Searchie, I’ve created a gorgeous, vibrant site that walks my students through their path to learning to play the piano with ease. I’ve been able to create different category pages that are simple to navigate instead of having everything showing on 1 page. AND- BONUS! It is completely searchable. I keep discovering new things it can allow me to do. I am very happy with Searchie.

Natalie Brynne

I love how easy it is to get your business growing with Searchie. Building a course, membership, or coaching Hub takes me just a few hours... I started making money today! I love the integration with Canva. It makes it super easy to customize my Hub and make it one-of-a-kind!

Michelle Sandler, Shell Creative/Searchie Succes

I love how my Searchie Hub looks like a professionally designed website. BUT the best part is that it was super simple to put together a Hub on my own and even easier to update and change. It just makes for a polished look without the tech hassle or web designer fees.

Nobu Musekiwa, Making Cents of Debt


I love Searchie because it allows me to offer more accessible options to my members and clients. With the auto-transcription I never have to worry about the closed captions. It is simple to edit the transcription and even to download it and use it as an accompanying blog post for my podcast episodes. Being able to reach all people in a way that works best for them is critically important to me and my business. Whether it is embedding Searchie videos in my courses, building out a Hub for my members, or getting that transcript from a podcast episode, Searchie has simplified my business so that I can get back to living life!

Dr. Moira Hanna, Coaching Hive LLC


I love how simple and easy it is to use. I can easily throw together a professional-looking site for my course that just *works*. I especially love the audience tags, and I can't wait to customize the experience as I bring in new members

Brianna Shade, Big Tiny World Travel